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President's Message - June 2014
I will start this message by extending my sincere thanks to the 25+ Shields members and friends who volunteered their time and efforts assisting us decorating the veteranís graves at Long Island National Cemetery. Unfortunately I can't say the same when it came to the Nassau County Games for the Physically Challenged. I would like to thank John Mifsud and his co-workers from the FBI for their continued support on Fridays, and the officials of the Nassau ASA Umpires Association once again for their help on Saturday, also thanks to the 7 Shields members who assisted us at Mitchel Field. Needless to say, I was disappointed by the lack of Shields member's participation ...
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Police Officer of the Month - July 2014
On Saturday March 19th, 2014 Police Officers Michael Konatsotis a 17 year veteran and David Roussine a 2 year veteran of the NYPD currently assigned to the 30 Pct., were reassigned to fly into the 19th Pct. for the day, due to staffing shortage in the 19th PCT. The day tour was quiet until a mid afternoon radio run was assigned to them regarding an aided case of an infant.
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Chaplain's Corner - July 2014
Last month's Chaplain's piece by Fr. Joe reminded us of the blessedness of a bridge-builder, one who could make it possible to reestablish communication with someone from whom we'd become estranged. That story brought back to my memory a Newsday article [Tuesday, June 25, 2002, page A12] that said: "Abby Has Nothing to Say." "Pauline Phillips, better known by her nom de plume of Abigail Van Buren, will not comment publicly on the death of her twin sister and fellow columnist, Esther Lederer, better known as Ann Landers. ...After an unflattering 1958 Life magazine profile in which each spoke poorly about the other, the two did not speak for a decade."
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Upcoming Events
General Meeting
Thursday, 9/18 - 7pm
The Coral House
70 Milburn Ave

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Scholarships Awarded
Congratulations to the 2011 scholarships winners.

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The Shields - Long Island, is a chartered and incorporated Fraternal Association of Police Officers living or working on Long Island. Its members are dedicated to the improvement of the image and the elevation of the status of Police Officers within the community and the Nation.

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